11th February 2020

Prayer Loom

At our recent 24 hour, nonstop, day of prayer we made prayer loom.

A prayer loom gives us an opportunity to pray with our hands and creates a visual representation of our conversations with God.  Weaving together prayers with others (in community) reminds us how our lives and longings are knit together in God.

 Destiny itself is like a wonderful wide tapestry in which every thread is guided by an unspeakably tender hand, placed beside another thread, and held and carried by a hundred others – Rainer Maria Rilke


Choose a piece of ribbon, wool or yarn to represent a person, situation or thing you want to prayer for. Weave it slowly through the loom in prayer.


  • A wooden frame. Re-purpose an old picture frame. Buy an art canvas or make a basic frame using wooden batons or scraps of pallet wood.
  • Small nails and a hammer
  • Ball of yarn or twine
  • A basket or mixed threads, wool and ribbon. All colours and textures and lengths
  • A pair of scissors

To make your prayer loom…

  • Hammer nails at 2cm intervals along the top and bottom of your frame
  • Attach the yarn from top to bottom as tight as you can
  • Stand your loom up next to a basket full of threads
  • Print out this [PDF INSTRUCTION DOCUMENT] and place it next to the loom