10th October 2019

Meet a Novice: Isaac

CTOL: Introduce yourself…

ISAAC: Hi my name is Isaac, 22, and I’m returning to the community after I spent six months as part of the seed community. I had such a good time and so many formational experiences that I felt called to return.

CTOL: Where did you hear about the Community of the Tree of Life and why did you want to become a Novice?

ISAAC: I originally heard about the community when Bishop Martyn came to speak at a bishops youth council meeting. As he explained his vision and passion for the project I felt like I wanted to be involved in some way.

CTOL: What are your hopes and dreams for this Novice year?

ISAAC: During this year I really want to discover a vocation that I feel strongly called to and ready to live out. I also hope to encounter God in the silence as well as through other people; in the busy and quiet times of placements and work.

CTOL: What can we pray for you?

ISAAC: Please pray for discernment and growth in my day to day spiritual life.