29th March 2019

God always makes the first move

Dear Friends,

I write to you at the end of March, which has been another momentous month in the life of our Community.

On 2nd March we gathered with friends and supporters at St Nicholas Church for our Promise Service. We stood together before Bishop Martyn and made public our commitment to God and one another. It was a very moving experience for all of us. I’ve been reflecting on what made it so special.

Firstly, it was because each one of us can testify to God being the one who ‘made the first move’. God’s initiative, calling and persistence is what has brought us together and that both humbles and excites us…we only have an inkling, as yet, of what God’s vision may be for us.

Secondly, it was the ‘weight of story’. We have journeyed together, some of us for nearly two years now, and as God brings new people in, our stories are being woven together into a shared story.

Thirdly, it was the ‘cutting edge of commitment’. Together we used the words, ‘We will…I promise…I choose…We will…’ So now we feel like a Community because we have a shared commitment and we’ve gone public with that. We’re holding one another to account for living out our everyday faith according to our Rule of Life – its life giving and it’s challenging!

Finally, it is very moving to feel the support and prayer of those who are standing with us in this great adventure. We’re so grateful to all who came to the service and those of you who are praying from afar.

As I write, the next part of the adventure is imminent. The builders are putting the finishing touches on the Community House and we will be moving in next week. We’d value your prayers for the move and the exciting process of settling in and making it both a home and a house of prayer.


Prior Rachel