28th March 2019

Community Promises

We believe that God has called the Community of the Tree of Life into being and is inviting us to share a way of life shaped by a common commitment and Rule. At the beginning of March we gathered at St Nicholas’ Church, Leicester, to make our first Community Promises, for an initial period of six months.

Making a promise before God is a serious undertaking and requires careful consideration, prayer and preparation. We prepared carefully and prayerfully. We explored the meaning of this Promise and its implications for our shared life as a Community. Our Community Promise is shaped by John 15 and our nine core practices.

The Promise

When Jesus says, ‘Abide in me as I abide in you.’
He invites us to come back home.
To stay, rest, obey and be with him in his joy.

I promise to live a life grounded in Prayer, Scripture and Solitude,
that with the help of God, I may be rooted in Christ.

I choose to abide in Christ; present to God’s presence.
I choose to dive deep into God’s Word.
I choose to make space to be alone with Jesus.
So help me God.

When Jesus says, ‘Love one another as I have loved you.’
He calls us to a joyful life of belonging, forgiving,
and celebrating with one another.

I promise to live a life shaped by Worship, Reconciliation and Sabbath,
that with the help of God, I may flourish through Christ.

I choose to respond to ‘Who God is’ with ‘all I am and have’.
I choose to listen first and speak life.
I choose to eat well, play well and rest well.
So help me God.

When Jesus says, ‘You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit.’
He sends us to go and make disciples;
giving, serving and joyfully blessing the world in his name.

I promise to live a life marked by Justice, Work and Blessing,
that with the help of God, I may be fruitful for Christ.

I choose to stand up, speak out and act justly.
I choose to ‘show up’ and play my God-given role.
I choose to share blessing as I have been blessed.
So help me God.

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