7th May 2020

Allison Writes

Through all of the spiritual practices, placements, and prayer, I have grown immeasurably in my faith and in my relationship with God.
For me, however, the best bit of it all was getting to live as a community. Developing relationships with everyone in the house and all of the companions was such an unforgettable experience.
While I’ve been home, I’ve had space to reflect on all of the times we’ve grown and learned together, as well as the times when we teamed up for various shenanigans around the house (my favorite being the day we momentarily convinced Rachel we had adopted a cat).
The friendships developed with the other novices, Isaac and Sophie, allowed me space to discuss my personal faith journey while learning from theirs. The ability to hang out and joke around with them, but also pray together and share our deeper struggles, is a reminder of what community means to me.
In the 6 short months I was in the community, I developed relationships and spiritual practices that I know will continue to have an impact on my life, even though I am thousands of miles away.